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TALL was founded in July 2014 by three certified special education teachers.  After spending many years in high school classrooms, we saw the need for continued learning and programming for our students as they made the transition into the adult world, especially in their world of employment.  Like all adults grow in their jobs, we felt it was a necessity for those with disabilities to be able to do the same.  TALL set out to support our clients to become active members in their community and to be able to showcase their skills.  With this mindset, TALL was born!

TALL currently provides services for a few Delaware County school districts for students transitioning into adulthood.  We also are service providers for OVR (Office of Vocational Rehabilitation) and ODP (Office of Developmental Program).  OVR services include Supported Employment (Curriculum Based Work Assessments, Job Finding/Development, Job Retention, Job Mentoring, and Job Coaching).  ODP services include Supported Employment (Job Finding/Development and Job Coaching) and Enhanced In Home & Community Habilitation.  To learn more about these service providers, contact us today!



TALL’s mission is to ensure that adults with disabilities have the opportunity to continue to learn and grow in their home, community, and place of employment.  We support adults with disabilities in showcasing their skills in all areas of their lives, fostering independence and improving the quality of life for individuals with disabilities. 



TALL’s vision is for all individuals with disabilities to earn fair paying employment in careers that fit each individual’s specific skill set and interests. TALL is committed to assisting these individuals by providing a personal job coach who works with the participant to determine a variety of best fit jobs or careers, determine and analyze skills in relation to these jobs or careers, and work alongside the client to ensure quality performance and increased job permanence for all individuals with disabilities.

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